Hari Smruti

રાત્રે ૯-૦૦ વાગ્યે શ્રી સ્વામિનારાયણ ગુરુકુલ મેમનગર અમદાવાદ - ગોપીનાથ યુવક મંડળની શુક્રવારની સભામા સદ્.નિષ્કુળાનંદસ્વામી વિરચિત "હરિસ્મૃતિ"  ઉપર પુરાણી શ્રી હરિસ્વરુપદાસજી સ્વામીનું વિવેચનાત્મક પ્રવચન.


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Jay Swaminarayan I like katha of P.P. Hariswarupswami. I listen all the part of Bhajgovindam n Harismruti. now i want to listen katha on vandu sahajanand. but its not available on ur website. so plz upload it. plz plz plz plz Jay swaminarayan

Jay Shree Swaminarayan First of all i wants very thankful to Gurukul and P.P.Shree Hari Swarupdasji swami for satsang title like Bhajgovindam, Harismruti, Bhavsambhav and other.... it makes to think again for Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan. i have no more words to say any thing more. I and all of my family member likes to listen those all titles...... Plz. if possible upload more titles discurse by P.P.Shree Hari Swarupdasji Swami........ Thank U Very Much Jay Swaminarayan

I really love the all kathas of p.p.swami hari swarupdasji !!! and hari smruti Katha Is also amazing, so request u that , please informed me if any of new katha published !!!

Jai swaminarayan, I love all kathas by Pujiya shree hariswarup dasji, all this years went without all this knowledge. Please bless us with all the knowledge of our lord swaminarayan. Thank you very very much. Jaiswaminarayan.

Jai Swaminarayan.... Just now I have downloaded few of the videos from this websites. But it is taking time. Is there any way i can pay money online and you guys can just delivered the DVDs at my locations. What should i do to get the required DVDs of Bhaj Govindam/Vandu Sahajanand. etc. Please reply to my Email Id:- Naimish136@gmail.com Thanks, Naimish Gohil

Swami Shree Hariswrudasji ne mara dandavat pranam, & jay shree swaminarayan.

Nice katha swami...Mara dandvat parnam and agree swaminarayan

Jay Swaminarayan, Hari smruti no vedio mali sake to reply aapjo..Audio to sambhali pan swami ne vedio ma jota jota sambhalava chhe.

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