Vandu Sahajanand RasRup - Video

Vandu Sahanajand RasRup 
Orator : Purani Shree Hariswarupdasji Swami
Dvd - 1 to 16



Really great katha.. Bhagwan Swaminarayan Hariswaroop Swami ne avi katha karvanu vadhare baal apey eej prathna

very helpful to satsangi

Aa Katha ma last 3 pad ni katha na video kya thi prapt thse e janava vinanti.. Jay Swaminarayan

I am fortunate to have access to videos on discourses of respected Hariswarupdasji swami relayed by gvision (SGVP). I have completed listening to all 32 parts of Vandu Sahajanand today though internet, on the day of Gurupurnima. I being currently in Milan, Italy could not attend Gurupurnima celebrated at SGVP, Ahmedabad, but I bow down to him, pujya Puraniswami, pujya Balkrishnadasji swami, pujya Madhavpriydasji swami, pujrya Shriharidasji swami and all the saints and devotees on this auspicious occasion (12th July 2014). Now I will start listening to discourses on Kahat Hai Gunatit. Such discourses provide me strength and energy whenever I am away from home (Ahmedabad).

very good explanation of vandu sahajanand by hariswarup dasji swami. i watched on youtube. it looks like some videos are missing after number 32. how can i get access to those missing ones...????

vandu sahajanand rasrup youtube ma 32 part bakina part published karva vinanti sathe sgvp gurukul parivar,gvision & hariswarupdasji na charno ma koti koti vandan sathe sau ne jay swaminarayan

jay Swaminarayan swami hu junagadh rahu che.gurukule nitya sabha jav chu. aapni lagbhag badhij katha ni audio katha marav leptop ma che hariswarupswami na mukhe thi sampuran RAMAYAN ane shreemad Bhagvat katha sambhalava ni khub iccha ma aapel che ena sivay navi katha ni oudio/ video bahar padel hoy to list mail karva vinant Email mo. 7874296016

Shree Hari Swarup Dasji swami, given very great and deep explanation of Vandu. I have watched his other videos on utube, I must say that me and my family understood and accepted "swaminarayan" , just because of his explanation. It is hard to digest traditional religious activities, which is less religious, more superstitious and blindly followed. Swami cleared so many concept. His knowledge and understanding is up to the point. Today I proudly say that I am Swaminarayan believer. As a women, i don't think I will be able to meet and thank him personally, but I would be grateful if someone can pass my message to him, that I am able to live my remaining life more meaningful and peaceful just because of his expertise and effort of explaining Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan. I have heard that he has taken "Maun", its good because swami has already given enough material for religion, now he deserves his time. We should now leave him alone, so he can fully focus his energy to his goal. And we all know what that goal be :-) Jay Swaminarayan

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